Gurara is actually a Local Government Area in Niger State where this amazing waterfall is located. The falls has a height of about 30 meters and spans over a distance of about 200 meters.

The discovery of the Gurara Waterfalls dates back to 1745 by a hunter known as Buba, of the Gbagyi/Gwari Ethnic Group. The Waterfalls was being worshiped by members of surrounding communities until the Europeans intervened/interrupted in 1925 and transformed it into a tourist site although not to standard.

The name Gurara is believed to have been derived from the names of two gods/deities—Gura and Rara.

Note: all historical facts here are reported as held by oral history.

The area is characterized by hot weather, plenty trees, boulders of rocks all around, etc. Some great remarks have been made of the Gurara Waterfalls: the medicinal oxygen coming off the trees that surrounds the falls; the unartificial recreational features of the site, spots for watching the beautiful indigenous birds of the place, etc., all these can help improve health and renew one’s youth. Might be your next consideration for a tour.


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