So much joy in the air as many have cause to celebrate. Taking out time to appreciate the good and being grateful to God who’s brought the nation, Nigeria, this far despite all seeming albatrosses. The celebration of Nigeria’s independence has always been so eagerly anticipated by her patriotic citizens. It was so encouraging to see different groups such as schools, churches of worship, companies, ethnic groups, etc., decorate their buildings/auditoria and individuals adorn themselves with the fruitful and peaceful colors of the Nigerian flag, organize public lectures, hold parties, etc., all in commemoration of Nigeria’s independence.

Arise! O Compatriots! Keep the spirit high. Let’s be appreciative of our freedom and heritage while we work on transforming and advancing the present state of the nation for good, and this we’ll achieve by every individual supporting, and contributing to, national growth with all goodwill  and determination.

Nobody else will build Nigeria but Nigerians.

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